Friday, 12 December 2008


I was pleased to come acoss this link on Frank Wilson's blog the other day. He had it from the indefatigable Dave Lull, and I now duly pass it on. Beddoes's poetry - in those stark, lightning-lit moments when it comes to life - is like nothing else in English verse. I'd have added a few more to Ashbery's selection - this, and this, and definitely this...


  1. Quite lovely. i'd heard his name before, of course, but never encountered any of his verse.

  2. Your Nigeness,

    I tried to find your e-mail address, but failed, so I hope you don't object to my contacting you by posting a comment here. In case you did not know, Frank Wilson started writing a weekly column about 4 weeks ago. I think you would enjoy reading it. A new one runs each Tuesday and the pieces are archived here. Thank you.