Thursday 22 August 2013

Sam Sherry, Legend

Don't ask me to reconstruct the chain of events, but I just now found myself watching this and finding it really rather wonderful. Of course it could be that I've taken leave of my senses...


  1. In reverse have not taken leave of your senses. It is rather wonderful. I can't speak for England but there are many parts of rural Ireland where people gather, in church halls and community centres - and the odd front room - and sing and dance in much the same way as Sam Sherry, in a completely natural and unaffected way. Now I am going to risk asking you to reconstruct the chain of events that led you to this quirky little vid? The Nation awaits....

  2. Sorry Mahlerman it's not all that interesting - I was just surprised to find myself watching and enjoying this. What a graceful style he has - apparently he merged elements of tap and soft-shoe into the clogging steps. Damned catchy tune too...

  3. I loved it. It reminded me of Ireland too. Thanks very much for sharing it.