Wednesday, 17 September 2014


We all know the art world is one mad world - but does it not take the biscuit when a major drawing prize, the Jerwood Drawing Prize - yes, that's drawing, a prize for drawing - is won by a 40-second audio recording in which the Artist reads from an archaeological description of a Roman pot? What next - a sculpture prize won by an audio description of a marrow? We all know prizes like the Turner can be awarded for Anything - but a drawing prize - really...
It's such a shame too, as the runner-up, Sigrid Muller's Seed Pods (above, in part), is lovely work and would have been a worthy winner. If, by the way, you bother to listen to the winning audio, the reference to 'a little Muscovite' has nothing to with Vladimir Putin. Muscovite is a mineral, a form of Mica, with, according to Wikipedia, 'a highly perfect basal cleavage'. Intriguing.



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