Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Satan unavailable for comment (again)

A fine (non) story has popped up on the BBC News website, to the effect that Bolsover in Derbyshire is not, in fact, the Satanic capital of the UK. Having been there a couple of times (to see the castle, which is well worth a visit), I can't say I was surprised to learn this. I suspect the famous Derbyshire sense of humour was at work when those census forms were filled in... The article is, however, an exemplary piece of work, and if I hadn't read it I would never have known that the so-called Church of Satan does not worship or even believe in the existence of Satan. Follow the handy link in the piece and you will discover that these Satanists are merely atheists, with a tendency to self-worship (or 'I-theism') and no interest or belief in any supernatural beings. Which rather begs the question, why call yourselves the Church of Satan then? Church of Me would be more honest.
 The only disappointing feature of the BBC News piece is that the assiduous author didn't get a quote from Satan. However, the contribution of the Bolsover council chief is priceless. He had not, he said, heard of any Satanic activities in Bolsover, adding 'There's the usual traditional harvest festivals or flower festival, but that's more or less a fundraising job for the churches.' Yes, not quite the same thing...

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  1. Merely atheists who don't really believe in Satan? No doubt they eat gluten-free, sit on their local school's anti-bullying advisory committee and run triathlons on weekends. Really, our atheists and I-theists are becoming a milquetoast crowd. It's hard to imagine Nietzsche announcing that he regretted his unfortunate choice of words, never meant to offend anyone and was only trying to promote a dialogue.