Sunday 25 July 2010

Jersey Tiger

Dusk in the garden. I was sitting enjoying the peace and the distant screams of swifts high above, when a moth flew distractedly by and settled, wings folded, on a clematis shoot just above and on the other side of the boundary fence. In flight this moth had seemed an orange blur, so I thought it must be one of the Underwing tribe, whose drab forewings and brightly coloured hindwings create a similar effect - but once settled, there was no mistaking this tiger-striped beauty. It was a tiger moth - specifically a Jersey Tiger moth. Once a Channel Islands speciality, the Jersey Tiger has in recent years spread along the south coast, and, for reasons unknown, into parts of London. Including, it would seem, my own, though I'd never spotted one before. As the Jersey Tiger flies by day as well as night, I shall keep my eyes peeled.


  1. never seen a live one before, but a very magnificent moth! Lucky you!

  2. Lucky indeed - and just after I wrote that post I went out into the garden and there was another - or the same - Jersey Tiger! It was perched, wings neatly folded, on a leaf of my dwarf plum tree. I even got a decent photo (rare indeed for a camera klutz like me).

  3. Nige, can we borrow your picture for our blog for a while till we get our own? Will credit your blog...