Sunday 14 March 2010


Sun at last! I've just been sitting in the garden feeling its warmth on my face - the first time this year, always a precious moment. The long-awaited spring is on its way - there might even be the odd butterfly out and about... After a Saturday spent sitting in trains and on hospital chairs, my feet - and my mind and spirit - are desperate to walk. I must get out. As Mick Jackson put it in the song so cruelly appropriated by five unrelated Jacksons, 'I just can't - i just can't - I just can't control my feet...'


  1. I must point out, however, that - unlike the Jacksonian-revisionist tendency - I do not point the finger of blame at the boogie. That would be the coward's way out...

  2. This morning I saw what looked like a tortoiseshell skipping over a wall, but only just a glance before it vanished. Still, the first butterfly of the year for me, even before the daffodils are out, and so we begin.

  3. Im on the lookout for a butterfly - but seeing as there are no daffs out around here yet, I feel it may be a week or two