Monday 28 February 2011

A Violet Picture

In London the last day of February is one of dank, bone-chilling cold and leaden (if not charcoal) skies. Utterly cheerless. But yesterday, in a brief interlude of sun, I saw the first violets of the year, a couple of small patches of them, just in full flower, growing in the grass under a tree in a local front garden. Utterly cheering. So here's a violet picture to lift the spirits and reassure us that, despite all appearances, spring is on its way.


  1. On the weekend I noted a couple of patches, in a darker purple, along the Regent's Canal. It was sunny at the time - gloriously so, in fact - but it wasn't long before the rain came down and soaked me to the skin.

    I've planted violets in a shady part of the back garden but haven't been able to make them last for more than a couple of seasons. I suspect they need those mycorrhiza thingies to thrive.

  2. I think you're right Gaw - they seem to thrive where they thrive and be v resistant to growing anywhere else. Round here they're doing rather well under the neat beech-and-hornbeam hedges on a back street.

  3. Banished To A Pompous Land28 February 2011 at 18:21

    I promise I'm not crowing, but its currently 71 (f) here in Virgina. Although we are having 30 degree swings here every couple of days.

    No violets but had butterflies at the Botanical gardens last Monday and Cabbage Whites in the garden yesterday. Its not natural I tell you!

  4. Oh I know it feels like that from where you sit Nige. But rememeber winter is a natural phenomenon and it is supposed to last from the end of September until Easter just like it does in the UK.

    Of course the early presence of butterflies is a fine thing. But there will be mosquitoes here in a couple of weeks.