Monday 25 April 2011

Butterfly Weather

I had meant to post my usual Happy Easter message - Urbi et Blogorbi - yesterday, but I had picture trouble (and what is an Easter greeting without a picture?) and gave up the unequal struggle with technology. I was also feeling a little stunned, having been out rather too much in the amazing summer-strength sunshine we've been having in the Southeast. It was grand butterfly weather though - Holly Blues, Orange Tips and whites everywhere - and on Good Friday, in a favoured spot on the Surrey hills, I had the pleasure of spotting my first Green Hairstreak, that emerald-underwinged beauty which is a regular on Nigeness around this time of year (though this sighting was certainly the earliest). I also saw several of another old friend, the Dingy Skipper - but that will be the subject of a forthcoming Dabbler Country post...


  1. Your butterfly is lovely. I rarely see a butterfly in the wild. Once a year, in a conservatory in Ottawa, they ship in hundreds of them and let people walk around amidst them. It is bliss.

    Are you ready for the "big" day? Americans are.
    “Knit Your Own Royal Wedding,” by Fiona Goble

    In Canada, my Brit partner says we will be getting up to watch the wedding at 3 PM (if we wake up). After all, he says, it's a tradition. We went to watch Diana & Prince Charles do it at a friend's house. Then we had cake.

  2. As far as I'm concerned, Barbara, there's only one Big Day coming up - my daughter's wedding (well, technically a blessing) exactly a week after the Windsors' do. That's quite enough wedding action for me!

  3. Congratulations to them both, and you, for getting your priorities right.

    And I see that I wrote 3 PM...that's AM over here. Jeesh. Enter proofreading -- not!