Sunday 21 August 2011

This Is Getting Silly...

Since that solitary swift on Thursday, my swift count has been as follows: Friday 2, Saturday 4, Sunday 2 (so far). This is of course very cheering, but I don't recall ever seeing so many stragglers before. I wonder what is going on and when the last swift will be... Anyone else still spotting them?


  1. 6 seen today South of the Thames here in Swindon according to our local birding site; 3 high above the town at Barbury Castle on the 19th. A couple of years ago I was sitting up there with my youngest when 20 or 30 swifts came down to feed off insects rising from the pasture, and for a minute or so we were in the middle of a flock of swifts swooping and banking away at the last minute seemingly within a couple of feet of our heads and their screeches coming at us from all directions. Quite a scary experience in a way but one you didn't want to end - and one neither of us has forgotten. A precious shared experience.

    Posting a link to the site, not for the birds so much, but in the entry for the 19th there's a picture of an Old Lady moth that might be of interest.


  2. Here in Tarifa there are masses of them still, looking across at the Atlas Mountains and seemingly saying, collectively, 'I can't be arsed, it's too far - I think I'll stay this year'. Reason is there none.

  3. none left here in the midlands! (and who can blame them?)

  4. Thanks for the link Pete - I've always said there's more to Swindon than meets the eye! Great country all round - Richard Jefferies country, I suppose...
    Mahlerman - well quite - why go further south?
    Worm - indeed...

  5. One more Carshalton swift circling lazily overhead on Saturday 27 August. Still keeping my eyes peeled...