Tuesday 25 October 2011

Sun and Rain

Earlier today, I was munching a thoughtful sandwich in the shelter of a cherry tree while a few spots of rain fell unthreateningly and the sun fitfully shone. As I stood to brush the crumbs from my coat and go on my way, I spotted a tiny bird, unconcernedly foraging in the near branches, an arm's length from me - a goldcrest! Something very like this happened to me two years ago, to similar cheering effect. What followed completed the sense of something special having happened. The rain strengthened, and simultaneously the sun came fully out. Suddenly, for a moment, every passer-by was smiling, taking pleasure in the fine rain and sunlight and the prospect of a rainbow - and there it was, low and flat, just above the roofline. And then it really started raining...


  1. A beautful, poetic piece. I can see it all vividly. I'm still pondering with amusement 'a thoughtful sandwich' though!
    I've never considered the thoughts of sandwiches before.I wonder if meat ones have a different quality of thought from the vegetarian ones?

  2. Heaven knows what mine was thinking - it was egg and cress!

  3. Nige, thanks so much for this. I didn't know what a goldcrest was until I looked up said bird and realised I have seen a few around these parts, along with the odd rainbow.

    Beautifully written as usual!

  4. By gosh, that's a fine rainbow Susan!