Wednesday 14 December 2011

Naked Amazement

The fiercest NigeCorp workstorm since records began has left me, in my unoccupied moments, capable of little but listening to music and reading the odd chapter of More Women Than Men, which is (but really shouldn't be) strangely soothing... Last night, I happened on this: John Martyn singing his beautiful song May You Never, with Danny Thompson on bass, Jerry Douglas on dobro, and Kathy Mattea pluckily trying to duet with the wayward Martyn. Her facial expressions are a picture - especially after the performance ends. Did you ever see such naked amazement on a musician's face?


  1. Yes Nige, what a loss he was - not just the lyrical guitar playing but a genuine white-soul voice, and almost always (as here) playing with the very best. He appeared to be living in the music, not just painting it on......

  2. Why have I never heard of John Martyn? That's a performance that gives me chills, as it did the musicians. Thanks, Nige.