Friday, 28 December 2012

A Sick Man Writes

Apologies for my unwontedly long absence from the Blog; I've been knocked out of action by what we doctors call a full-on stonking megabastard cold-flu type virus, from which I am only now beginning to recover. Mrs Nige had it first, and then, with perfect timing for the Festive Season, I succumbed last Saturday - and of course it's a proven scientific fact [citation needed] that we men are hit far harder by this kind of thing. Suffice to say that by Christmas Eve, simply thumbing a text message was a major challenge, and attempting anything on a computer keyboard not to be thought of - so I couldn't even manage my traditional Christmas Wishes to all followers of Nigeness. So, after the event, I hope you all had a great Christmas. With luck, I'll manage a New Year message - perhaps even a look back over the year. Meanwhile I shall concentrate on getting better...


  1. Tell me about it Nige! You and me, Mr Key at Hooting Yard and much of the population both sides of the Atlantic. It's the Mayans I tell you! You have my sympathies, at least whats left after I've lavished most of them on myself (if Mrs B. were to be believed).

  2. To aid your recovery recent cravat news:

    From "The Best Movies of 2012" - Christopher Orr - The Atlantic:

    "Best Cravat: Christopher Walken, Seven Psychopaths"

  3. Citation provided. Without wishing to unload my own particular problems onto your blog Nige, it is apparently a known fact among medics that the 'outgoing' lifestyle of the modern male renders them more likely to encounter disease than the fair sex and, having become infected, we (I think I can speak for both of us)put a massive effort into retaining the ability to reproduce, whilst we are ill(!) thus pushing the energy we would normally have for building-up our immune system, into second place.
    So, to sum up. While you are lying there feeling rotten and rather sorry for yourself, your body (at a subconscious level, of course) is preparing for some activity below the waist and above the knees.
    Look, somebody had to tell you.

  4. A fascinating contribution Mahlerman - just the kind of beastliness Nature would get up to when a fellow thinks he's trying to get better...
    Banished - good to know I'm not in this alone. Yr comment made me laugh, or rather cough - talking and laughing are but forms of coughing at present...
    Dave - that is indeed cheering. The Walken cravat had caught my eye in the posters - he wears it well.

  5. Jus got over the same thing, Nige. Take care and get well.


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