Sunday 20 January 2013

Now Then...

The hysteria sparked by the exposure of Jimmy Savile as the wrongest wrong 'un active in the golden years of  pop-related light entertainment (an era not lacking in wrong 'uns) shows no signs of dying down. The BBC - the very BBC that little more than a year ago devoted a hagiographic documentary to the man - has for months been engaged in a Soviet-style post facto purge, expunging every image and record of Savile from its archives, reducing him to the status of a 'non person', one who never was. Sadly - or rather, hilariously - they hadn't thought of The Tweenies, a children's puppet show that was scrapped ten years ago but is still regularly repeated on the CBBC channel. Here's the story - and the picture - and I must admit I found it very funny. It's surely only a matter of time before uttering such phrases as 'Now then, guys and gals' and ''Ow's about that then?' will become a crime. Quite right too.

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