Saturday 23 February 2013

A Cat's Life

This minimovie should amuse anyone who, like me, spent too much of their youth in arthouse cinemas watching French films of the Nouvelle Vague.


  1. A mournful and cautionary perspective.

    Have you seen Thomas Edison's early punt for YouTube viral glory:

  2. Good Lord! No I hadn't seen that before. Hope the cats were handsomely rewarded... Thanks Jerry.

  3. Reminds me of little boy i was "watching" in spain. His favourite trick..careering across the patio and smashing full-speed, arms raised, through the bead curtain into the cool shade of the houae...yep, one day the door behind the curtain was shut. He'so.k now, grown to a handsone 19 hands, but still has a wary look about him... I know the feeling, i once walked into a lamppost.