Monday, 23 September 2013


The NigeCorp workstorm should be dying down soon, and I'm wondering whether to continue anthologising a while longer - I have found it unexpectedly enjoyable - or return to business as usual. Or perhaps a mixture of both?
Meanwhile, I was intrigued by a news story about Ancient Egyptians in Barnsley - it rang a bell... Yes of course - Nerdley's vibrant Aztec community, part of the densely populated dream world of Peter Simple. According to their self-appointed spokesman, Royston Vibes, an 18th-year sociology student at Nerdley University, the Aztecs had occupied Nerdley in the Dark Ages, having crossed the Atlantic in stone boats. Vibes, tirelessly exacting concessions and benefits from the council on the Aztecs' behalf, asserted the community's inalienable right to commit human sacrifice on state-subsidised step pyramids. Peter Simple certainly saw multiculturalism coming...


  1. More poetry, and maybe the occasional painting? It's nice to know why you chose the particular poem. I've enjoyed this element of your Work Storm.

  2. Poetry is wonderful, but 'business as usual' makes life sweeter.

  3. poems gifted from Nige
    sweeten the long dreary day
    but then, so does prose