Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Arlott 100

Today is the centenary of the birth of John Arlott, 'the voice of cricket', a man who was surely the greatest cricket commentator who ever drew breath (or quaffed claret). Certainly, in terms of phrasing, timing and the painting of word pictures, he was unequalled; the very different Richie Benaud was probably the greatest in terms of technical acuity and conciseness (though some may disagree).
 Arlott's experience of first-class cricket was limited. While still serving in the Hampshire Constabulary (he was in the force 12 years, rising to Sergeant), he was watching his county team playing Kent when they discovered that they were short a 12th man for their next game, against Worcestershire. Arlott, a club cricketer, made himself available and took to the field as a substitute, his name appearing in the Western Daily Press's match report as 'Harlott'. He had the pleasure of watching the Nawab of Pataudi score a typically elegant century for Worcestershire. Aah the Nawab of Pataudi - you don't get the likes of them wielding the willow these days... That was in 1938, and it was Arlott's only match. 'I've failed at everything,' he observed later in life.
 When Arlott commentated on his last Test match, in 1980, a public address announcement after the end of his last stint prompted a standing ovation. The crowd, the entire English team and the entire Australian team all joined in. Geoffrey Boycott was even observed to remove his batting gloves to applaud. There is no higher honour than that.


  1. A great commentator and most certainly the wittiest.

    Arlott on a Boycott innings

    ‘No man is an island, but he has batted as though he is a particularly long peninsula.’


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