Monday 14 July 2014

Unexpected Longhorns

There are longhorn cattle in Holland Park! This year, instead of the much-missed pigs, English Longhorns are being put to use, grazing the overgrown meadow. The most beautiful of cattle, they are also the least fussy of grazers and can be relied on to make short work of virtually any plant life that comes their way. The Holland Park group consists of two cows - Jelly and Lulu - and their respective calves, born last autumn: Neeko, a steer, and Noodle, a heifer (that's no combination of them in the photograph above). Having just arrived today, they seemed a little wary of their new surroundings, but were already getting to work on the taller grasses. It's going to be a joy having them around.


  1. You wait ages for a Longhorn and then 4 come at once!

  2. The quintessential English cattle breed; I love them.

    I must switch from Kensington Gardens to Holland Park for my daily constitutional during the duration of their stay.

  3. Good idea Recusant - they'll be there for three weeks I think, unless they graze the meadow flat before then...