Monday 20 October 2014


As the Dylan Thomas centenary year grinds on, it's good to see that some of his most characteristic works of the imagination - the bouncing cheques that littered his path through life - have come up for auction. If ever a cheque was destined to be returned by the bank, it was one signed 'Dylan Thomas'. A fine piece of Welsh canniness on the part of the landlord to keep these specimens back, rather than throw them away. He should have got him to sign a few beermats as well - or maybe he did...


  1. On one of his riotous tours of America DT is supposed to have told Shelley Winters that one of his ambitions was to "touch the titties of a beautiful blonde starlet." It would seem that Winters did not fit the bill. However, as luck would have it her flatmate at the time was La Monroe, who allowed DT to touch her "titties" one at at a time with a single finger.

  2. Perhaps the radio play should have been called Under black horse wood. Bouncing cheques were part of the wallpaper during those dark days of the early eighties, a friend did just that, wallpapered his office with them.