Saturday, 1 November 2014


This morning turned out to be as sunny and nearly as warm as yesterday, and as I walked home from the shops and looked down from the railway footbridge onto a fine mass of sunlit ivy beside the tracks, there was a glint of silvery blue, then something took flight - then another - two Holly Blues, chasing each other, settling, giving chase again. And fine, bright, lively specimens they were - nothing end of season about them. I was to see two more, equally fresh and full of life, later in the morning. And another Speckled Wood. And a Red Admiral, which glided past just as I neared the house. All on the first day of November!


  1. Well, that's all very well, but speaking as a warmist.....

  2. Ho ho - this is what I'm always told is weather not climate, so apparently it's of no account.

  3. See what warmism does? Bryan apparently can't enjoy the glorious spectacle of birds soaring in early November without seeing a harbinger of mass frying. I wonder whether it isn't something in his genes.

  4. Seems some fella called Ban Ki-Moon's a warmist too. Good thing we don't have to take him seriously. Who is he anyway?


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