Sunday 16 August 2015


In the absence of the Dabbler (technical problems - it should be back up tomorrow) and Mahlerman, here's a piece of Sunday music, something I caught earlier on Radio 3. I had never heard of the Italian baroque composer Giovanni Felice Sances before, but found this rather beautiful...


  1. Mellow, solemn and near damn perfect Nige. If the Italian baroque tickles the fancy, try Italiane Barorque, seven CDs worth of the exquisite playing of Chiara Bianchini and her ex pupil, Amandine Beyer, including, what is for me, is the greatest recording of the Four Seasons, an absolute firecracker, makes the Gary Rhodes version seem dull (or was it Nigel Kennedy, I can't tell the difference.)

    So, the infamous IT lurgy has hit the Dabbler again, I thought that they had done a runner.

  2. Thanks for the tip Malty, and the taster - that's one zinging performance!

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