Tuesday 1 September 2015

Dabbler Redivivus

The first day of a new month (and national Random Acts of Kindness Day in New Zealand) and - rejoice! - The Dabbler is back in action, with the latest of Jonathan Law's fascinating Phantom Libraries.


  1. Given the elevated artistic and historical planes the Dabblers dwell on, there is something quite humourous in these repeated lengthy technical glitches. They bring to mind Oxbridge dons who have worked out the meaning of existence but whose socks never match and are never quite sure whether to plug or unplug the toaster.

  2. It's less amusing at this end, Peter.
    Essentially all these problems come down to the fact that the site continually outgrows its platform, both in terms of the amount of content on it and the traffic, which means we keep having to spend money on it just to keep it going. The ads don't nearly cover the costs.
    It's a mug's game, blogging.

  3. Sorry, Brit, I was ribbing you from an all-life-is-comedy perspective. Your efforts are greatly valued and appreciated.