Wednesday 2 December 2015

Summat Wrong

'There's summat wrong wi' that man.'
Thus one Oldham voter's verdict on poor old Jeremy Corbyn (in a radio voxpop this morning). Is there anything to add?
Allowing for the fact that there's summat a bit wrong with anyone who'd go into high-profile politics these days, the voters have an unerring sense of when that summat is just too wrong - which is why Ed Milliband lost the last election, why William Hague would never have won one, and why (I suspect) George Osborne, if he becomes leader, never will.


  1. Having a native of Oldham say 'something' correctly is akin to asking a scouser to say 'whirling dervish' or a native of Florida say 'squirrel'.

    Yes, that's it, Corbyn reminds me of a whirling dervish with a peanut between his paws.

  2. Ho ho - certainly something of the urban grey squirrel about him...