Friday 1 January 2016

From the Antipodes

A belated Happy New Year to all, from Wellington, where the haunting cry of the Tui [above] rends the air.


  1. Fantastic! Happy New Year, Nige - look forward to your antipodean updates.

  2. Thanks a lot, Nige! You've caused me to violate my resolution to spend less time mindlessly burrowing through the Interwebs in 2016. I just spent half an hour watching YouTube videos of 'talking' tuis. Happy New Year, and genuine thanks for your wonderful blog posts.

  3. Thanks both. The Tui is a wonderful bird - like a cross between a parrot and a blackbird (of which, happily, there are many here). It's far too heavy for elegant flight and has to flap like crazy to stay airborne, then pause for breath, then flap-flap-flap again - crude but very effective...