Monday 11 April 2016

Beyond Satire

When I came across a link to this story, I took it for a factual piece (until I noticed the source). After all, ain't it pretty much the truth? The Daily Mash is getting rather good these days, while The Onion often seems to have lost its edge. As for the 'real world' news - well, it appears to be passing ever farther beyond satire. Today's most choice item (amid plentiful competition) was, I thought, the news that Jeremy Corbyn, having boldly announced that he was going to publish his tax return, discovered that he, er, couldn't find it. This was swiftly followed by the news that he'd been fined £100 for returning it late. They might well have been about to run one of those stories on The Daily Mash when reality overtook their best efforts.

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