Sunday 29 May 2016

Gideon Lied

Brit's reference to 'Gideon' in his comment below my last post had me baffled for a second. Then I realised - of course, Gideon is George Osborne's born name. He never liked it and, at the age of 13, changed it to George, choosing that name in honour of his grandfather, a war hero. And so young Gideon became the George we know and love.
 Meanwhile, in Ambridge, Helen Archer - currently in detention after knifing her evil husband, Rob - has given birth to a boy. She has decided on giving him a clutch of suitably Archerish names and decreed that he shall be known as 'Jack' (in honour not of dipso Jack Archer but of lovable Jack Wooley). However, back at Crime Scene Cottage, his satanic majesty Rob has decreed that his spawn shall have an altogether different name, in honour of his, Rob's, grandfather - yes, Gideon. Coincidence... or something more?
 I don't think I'm ever going to have a better excuse for linking to John Cale's Gideon's Bible, so here goes - enjoy...

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  1. Which Cale presumably got from the little red jobs you find in hotels?