Tuesday 23 August 2016

Box Hill Blues

I took this so-so picture of part of the famous view from Box Hill this afternoon. Of course it does little justice to a view too wide and far and subtly toned to be captured in a photograph. Actually I'm not a great one for views as such (though I wouldn't go so far as John Byng, who, in the Torrington Diaries, declares flatly 'I abhor distant prospects'). This one, though, seen under a clear blue summer sky, is quite something.
 However, I was not at Box Hill to admire the view, and I'm happy to report that, in fields sloping down to the left of the picture, I found, after a good deal of fruitless searching, what I was looking for - the glorious Adonis Blue. As I wandered down the slope, I had a couple of possible sightings, but it wasn't until I had all but given up hope that I spotted a likely Adonis nectaring on a head of Scabious, wings folded. I crept up close enough to be pretty sure - and then this beauty opened its wings in a blaze of heavenly blue and flew off, to be joined almost immediately by another male, and then another... This wonderful butterfly summer just keeps on giving.


  1. I've only been up Box Hill once, but I've never forgotten it. Breathtaking... but I'm intrigued by the notion that one can be contemptuous of views a la Byng. Magnificent grumpiness.

    (Having driven up, I was also impressed that the poor Olympic cyclists had to go all the way up, not just once, but NINE TIMES! No wonder they're all on drugs, ridiculous.)

  2. Cyclists on Box Hill! Don't get me started.... A menace they are.