Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Two thirds of a century later...

Here we are again - my birthday. Today I (and, of course, my old pal Tom Waits) achieve the age of 67. With two thirds of a century behind me, I feel immensely glad (most of the time) to be here, and immensely grateful for my good fortune in all its many and wondrous forms.
My late Uncle, in his old age, would remark feelingly, 'I wish I was 67 again.' I don't know if that age had some particular significance for him, but as far as I am concerned, I'm certainly happy to be 67.


  1. Happy Birthday! And many thanks for all you do here!

  2. Happy Birthday, Nige! Thanks for the pleasure you bring to your readers in Norway, Russia and points beyond.

  3. Thanks Jeff and Waldo - and the latest news is that Nigeness is huge in France, way more so than in the US and UK. C'est bizarre, non?

  4. France! A grand accomplishment - and without ever having used bon mots like 'deterritorialization' or 'discourse analysis'.

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