Thursday 9 February 2017

Occupy Facebook

I don't do very much on Facebook, using it mostly to post the odd photo and keep up with a few people. But I'm strangely enthused by a campaign just getting under way that aims to 'occupy Facebook with art, breaking up all the political posts'. Everyone who gets involved - by 'liking' a picture posted by someone else - is assigned an artist from whose work they must post an image. Then everyone who 'likes' that post will be given an artist, and so it will snowball on, carpet-bombing Facebook with quality art. This can only be a good thing.
 Me, I was assigned Millais as my artist, and put up his Lorenzo and Isabella (above), discreetly drawing readers' attention to the ambiguous shadow thrown by the nutcracker the big fellow on the left is menacingly wielding...


  1. I run a closed Facebook group called Salon de Southsea on which much poetry and art is posted - a great deal of it, I must say, sourced from your good self Nige and much often "liked" by my group friends. I applaud this campaign too and will sign up.

  2. Long ago tried that antisocial media site, how life improved once it was deleted... How about Millais' Chill October which used to be a permanent fixture of Perth Art Gallery. Positively decades ahead of it's time.

  3. Yes a wonderful picture, Chill October - those landscapes of his are surely underrated, but then they're not exactly inviting, are they?

    1. Perhaps because I live up here it is not so uninviting as it would be for softies from the south... Sadly the picture had been on long loan and the owners grabbed it back to flog off!

  4. Yes, everyone's tactfully avoiding that subject. It's probably deliberate - a little PRB joke.