Wednesday 23 August 2017


Ranking quite high among the things you don't expect to find on the pavement of a busy shopping street is surely a dead dragonfly. But there it was. At first I thought someone had dropped a rather gaudy bracelet, but a closer look showed that it was indeed a large, brilliantly coloured and newly dead dragonfly (a Southern Hawker, I think). I lifted it by one gauzy wing to take a closer look, and was inevitably reminded of the Grandaddy song The Group Who Couldn't Say, about a band of co-workers who win a day out in the countryside - in particular the verse
'Becky wondered why
She'd never noticed dragonflies
Her drag and click had never yielded
Anything as perfect as a dragonfly'

(How's that for an internal rhyme?)
Here's the whole song, one of the best on a great album, Sumday -

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