Monday 12 February 2018

The Blackberry Storm

Who could resist a news story headlined 'Peter Rabbit film producers apologise over allergy scene'? Truly, the world gets stranger by the day. As if these computer-animated versions of the Peter Rabbit stories weren't offensive enough to the eye, the ear, the intelligence and the memory of Beatrix Potter (what was the estate thinking of in allowing these travesties?), they go and include a scene in which the invented character Tom McGregor, a young man with a blackberry allergy, is pelted with the allergenic fruit by Peter and friends, causing an abreaction that forces him to reach for his EpiPen. If they didn't see that this scene would inevitably spark an outcry, the producers must be fantastically naive. Beatrix Potter is surely revolving at ever higher speed in her grave.

Meanwhile, up in Derbyshire, where I've been for the weekend, I've encountered my first celandines of the year, and my first fully open daffodils, and a spectacular flowering cherry with the most blossom I've seen this year. Odd that this should have happened so far North. And now there is snow on the ground...

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