Saturday 13 October 2018

Street Preachers

A curious scene on my local high street this morning. Local Muslims had set up a 'Discover Islam' stall, with leaflets and banners, and right next to them was a very vocal group of evangelical Christians, taking it in turns to preach in a loud and forthright manner and break into impassioned Christian song, all on the same theme – that Jesus is not only the Lord but the only Lord.
 The Muslims, who were offering free tea and coffee, and even free Qurans in English translation (was this wise?), looked the other way and adopted stoical, not to say bored, poses. They were getting scarcely any takers – but neither were the Evangelicals, despite their energetic efforts to buttonhole passers-by. Everyone was far more intent on getting their shopping done than letting Jesus or Allah into their lives. There was no sign of Christian-Muslim animosity. It was all very polite and very English.
 Let's hope things stay that way long into the future.


  1. We had a table like that from which a Muslim group gave out Korans etc in Portsmouth between the mosque and the railway station. A group of four or five lads were connected to it. They later went to Syria and joined ISIS. Most of them were killed including one who was in my son's year at school and whom I taught.

  2. Oh dear. I must admit I was hoping this stand was the Ahmadia Muslims, who are (thankfully) the majority around here. Unfortunately it wasn't.
    I just wonder how – or if – this scenario would play out in 20 yrs or so...