Thursday, 14 February 2019

Where Are the Bolshies Now?

I was amused – well, appalled and aghast, but also amused (what can you do?) – to come across this story of ideologically inspired truancy in the Highlands. At least this girl is meeting with official disapproval for her actions, but elsewhere, I gather, some 'teachers' are actively encouraging their charges to walk out and protest against 'climate change' tomorrow.
  Clearly, now that 'the science is fixed', the CACC (catastrophic anthropogenic climate change) model is firmly entrenched as unquestionable dogma in our schools. Children are being taught this kind of thing as fact, rather than given the knowledge and intellectual tools to question it – or any other dogma. I'd like to think there are still bolshie little buggers in our schools who will miss no opportunity to question what the beaks are telling them (rather like Master Nige in his schooldays), but we hear and see nothing of them. Has the brainwashing really been that successful? I devoutly hope not.
 I'm always impressed by how little our children seem to be taught in school, compared to how it used to be, back in the day when an 11-year-old fresh from primary school knew about as much (in general terms) as today's average undergraduate – and compared to how it is in other countries. The worst effect of this is not so much the lack of knowledge as such, but the fact that this unconscious ignorance leaves children unequipped to argue, inquire and criticise – so they are, alas, wide open to whatever dogma happens to be fashionable.
 Never mind. We're enjoying a spell of wonderfully springlike weather just now (argh – global warming!) and yesterday I saw my first butterfly of the year. It was a Red Admiral, flying strongly southwards along a main road in Cheam. Last year, I didn't see a Red Admiral till mid-June. Every year is different – indeed, at this time last year, a bitter winter was still ahead of us...


  1. And a Brimstone today, beside the railway...

  2. When I was a child it was the threat of nuclear annihilation. In between were the new ice age and the hole in the ozone layer. Each generation has it's own existential monster. The difference being that nuclear annihilation was not a statistical aberration.

  3. Yes, and the similarity being that all of these monsters turn out to be delusory and each retreats and makes way for the next. Thanks Craig. Oh and another difference – back in the day we'd never have been allowed to protest anything in school time. Today hundreds of the self-righteous little prigs have been let out of school to wave their placards. Hey ho.

  4. They do seem to be starting young...the rent-a-mob of the future. Yes you are correct, I don't remember being let out of school to protest nuclear destruction, or the new ice age. Apparently we're all doomed anyway, so these kids can look forward to an exciting trans-gender water world.

  5. Why can't they protest against industrialisation and the alleviation of poverty in China and India at the weekend?

  6. Good point, Brit. What depresses me is that these children are allowing themselves to be corralled into the grown-ups' almighty circle jerk without a word of protest. I only hope that, despite appearances, all this is sowing the seeds of a future resurgence of climate scepticism.

  7. Narrow minded twit. Consider earth's atmosphere in relative terms is quite like the skin found underneath the shell of an egg; coupled with the destruction of primeval forests the world over it's dammed difficult not to result in climatic change....but you seem incapable of imagination and ignorant in face of the science explaining it. Dolt.

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