Wednesday, 10 July 2019

RIP Torn

Sorry to hear today that the brilliant actor Rip Torn has died. I think it's fair to say that he did well to make it to the age of 88, all things considered. I've written here before about Torn – the man who mistook a bank for his house – and his surprising casting as Walt Whitman, but for me he will for ever be Artie, the maniacal producer on The Larry Sanders Show. Here are some of Artie's finest moments – and if you stick with this video you'll also get the best of Hank Kingsley (the great Jeffrey Tambor). Enjoy...


  1. Actually you might not get Hank on this version, but it's easily found on YouTube...

  2. Immortal: Exempt from oblivion - imperishable. At 88, just one short of the number of episodes of the show that cemented his off-the-wall weirdness as Artie, lording it over the whole staff, including Larry. Doubt if he came out of a mould, but if he did it is now, surely, broken?

  3. RIP TORN: 17 FILMS in

  4. Great name for actor who knew well how to chew the scenery and steal the scenes ....RIP RT ....

  5. He and Sissy Spacek are from Quitman, just a hop and a skip from my neck of East Texan woods.


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