Tuesday 29 October 2019


I see that the excellent Zoe Colvin is recommending a certain book as the ideal Christmas gift. Here's the link – and while you're there, have a good look around; ZMKC is a lovely blog, and if you enjoy the kind of things I write about here, you will surely enjoy the kind of things Zoe writes about there. 


  1. I'm onto the 2nd chapter of your excellent book which plopped onto the doormat yesterday, Nige. The Wittgenstein you quote - 'Death is not an event in life' reminded me of this. It takes two clicks to read it.


  2. Quite so, Guy. Terrible that Keats, who wrote so acceptingly about death, should have died as he did. One of the most heart-rending deaths of all to read about...

  3. By the way, a seller of parrots (of all things) seems to have taken over my comment streams overnight. Deleted now, and I hope they won't be back.