Thursday 7 November 2019

Words of the Year – oh dear...

It's 'Word of the Year' time again, heaven help us. This little publicity gimmick by Collins dictionaries can always be relied on to lower the spirits, and this year it obliges handsomely. The word of the year, according to Collins, isn't even a word but a phrase – 'climate strike'. (This is not when climate strikes, but when schoolchildren, with their teachers' encouragement, walk out of school to demonstrate about what they have been told is an imminent 'climate emergency' that will wipe them from the face of the earth.)
There are other new words lined up to join 'climate strike' in Collins's next edition. Reading the list is like hearing a bell tolling for the end of civilisation as we once knew it – a litany for end times, if you like (or am I getting carried away here?):

Climate strike.
Double down.

Hands up if you even know what the last two mean. Truly we live in strange times...

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