Saturday 4 April 2020

Spring: Butterflies and Beethoven

Spring at last! With the wind now a soft southerly and the sun shining, the butterflies are out and flying happily – among them the Orange Tips, whose appearance I always count as the true beginning of spring. My morning walk was enlivened not only by my first Orange Tips of the year, but my first Holly Blues and Speckled Woods, a few more Commas and another surge of Peacocks and Brimstones. And a Chiffchaff was singing, in full view...
  This means it's time for some more spring music. Here, in one of his best-loved sonatas, is Beethoven, whose 250th anniversary it is this year. His 'Spring' Sonata (No 5 in F Major, Op. 24) finds him in  a sunny, relaxed mood (well, nearly all the time) and is wonderfully melodic. It's played here by Anne Sophie Mutter and Lambert Orkis.

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