Saturday 4 July 2020

Independence Day?

It's Independence Day in the US – and here in England the Government, or should I say 'The Science', has taken a few tentative steps towards restoring to us some of the fundamental liberties it confiscated three long months ago. And some are calling it 'Independence Day'! One hardly knows whether to laugh or cry. Better, perhaps, to do neither (though the latter is always a possibility) and play a song for Independence Day (the real one) and for our times, perhaps for all times – this one...


  1. I have a friend who often remarks on the way ideas go in clusters. Why is it, he once asked me, that people who are in favour of by-passes tend to support the death penalty? A cluster I’ve noticed recently is the Brexit/ lockdown one. On the whole people who support Brexit tend to be impatient of the lockdown, obey such rules as they deem sensible and ignore the rest. Remainers, on the other hand, can quote the rules, know the permissible exceptions and would, if pushed, be prepared to snitch on their neighbours. Has anyone else noticed this?

  2. Oh yes Ingoldsby – absolutely. Round here the correlation seems to be pretty much 100pc. Similarly, I suspect, the lockdown enthusiasts are likely to be climate catastrophists and supporters of BLM (tho we'll have to wait and see how that one plays out). It probably comes of reading The Guardian and nothing else (apart from White Fragility, obvs).