Sunday 16 August 2020


Good to see that 'Mat' (as in something that gets trodden on) Hancock has taken my advice and, in headline language, 'axed' the worse than useless quango misnamed Public Health England. This, combined with a long overdue adjustment of the Covid death figures that shaved 5,000 off the still inflated total, looks almost hopeful. Will the UK now pull out of the WHO and disband that other misnamed quango, Sage? I'm not holding my breath...
Meanwhile, taking a look at my blog stats, I note that Turkmenistan has for some reason lost all interest in Nigeness, but Russia has suddenly risen from the lower ranks to take the coveted top spot, with more page views than the next four nations (US, UK, good old Norway, and Japan) added together. I wonder what is going on?


  1. It looks like the turkmeni goatherders have taken their flocks and their love of old English church architecture to Russia for the season. I think it's called transhumance or something.

  2. Of course – that would explain it!