Tuesday 5 January 2021


 In my unceasing quest for medicinal liquors, I've landed on Cynar (pronounced 'Chee-nar'), a magical elixir created from a secret recipe as recently as 1952. Thirteen herbs are involved, but the key ingredient (as the label suggests) is artichoke – and the beauty of the artichoke is that it is good for the liver. So, even as the alcohol is punishing your liver, the artichoke is bringing healing and relief. Or so I would like to think... The good news is that Cynar is delicious, like a darker, less sweet Campari, with a greater depth of flavour and a lower alcohol content (16.5%), so that you can drink more of it – which is what I definitely want to do. So far I've drunk it long, with soda, a dash of orange juice and a slice of orange. I'm looking forward to trying it straight on ice as a digestif, and perhaps in place of Campari in a negroni. Cheers!
  By the way, the chap in the picture is the Italian actor Ernesto Calindri, urging us to take Cynar 'against the strain of modern life'. Sound advice, I'm sure. 

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