Monday 1 February 2021

Good News from Romania

 I found this heartening story from Romania on the BBC News website. While our own dear students seek to 'decolonise' the syllabus and disown their nation's pre-woke history, a group of Romanian students has set out to restore a magnificent thermal spa to its imperial glory. I hope they succeed; by the look of it, the place has the potential to be a real-life Grand Budapest Hotel. 
On the admittedly few occasions when I've come across students from European countries, I've always been impressed by their studious air. Once, in Greece, I was with my walking friends in a little Byzantine church somewhere near the middle of nowhere when a coach drew up and debouched a group of a dozen or so students, who immediately set about examining the building with daunting thoroughness. One of our number attempted to engage their apparent leader in conversation. 'What are you studying?' he asked. 'Everything,' the serious student replied matter-of-factly. It seemed all too believable. 

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