Tuesday 25 January 2022

Meanwhile, on Hadrian's Wall...

 I see that archaeology is now invoking 'climate change' to draw attention to what might otherwise be considered a not very newsworthy (indeed a largely rather boring) endeavour. This morning I caught Justin Rowlatt, one of the BBC's small army of climate zealots, intoning on TV (I'm in a hotel again) on the subject of the threat a changing climate might pose to Hadrian's Wall, and, sure enough, there's a piece by him, saying much the same things, on the BBC News website. It may or may not be true that the drying out of peatland will pose a real threat to the survival of unusually well preserved relics, but I doubt if this story would have made the news without the 'climate change' spin. And I might add that Hadrian's Wall and its buried relics seem to have survived the Medieval Warm Period in pretty good shape. 

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