Thursday 10 February 2022

Another Boris commemorated

 I like this story of an outbreak of spontaneous Dadaism in a Russian museum. 'Vandalism' it might be, but the picture looks no worse, and perhaps rather better, for those drawn-on eyes. But what is this Yeltsin Centre in Yekaterinburg? The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Centre is, I learn, a 'social, cultural and educational centre' that commemorates the first (and drunkest) President of the Russian Federation, and was named the best museum in Europe by the Council of Europe.
The museum has nine rooms or 'days', through which the visitor takes a journey of discovery, from the Labyrinth of Russian History to the Hall of Freedom. Here are two mystifying images from Day Two: August Coup d'Etat –

What is going on there? In the next one, maybe Yeltsin has had a drink or two –

And here is Day Three: Unpopular Measures –

and Day Six: Presidential Marathon...

Perhaps you have to be Russian...

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