Saturday 12 March 2022

Ignorant Imbecility

 As England's (former) go-to monument man, I like to keep an eye on the (former) Church of England's activities in the field of woke iconoclasm, as it agitates for the removal of all monuments they deem morally troubling. I've written on this before – most recently here – and I thought nothing could surprise me, but the latest story is simply flabbergasting. St Paul's Cathedral plans to erect a highly conspicuous monument to an industrial-scale slave trader and brutal tyrant. Here is Robert Tombs's account of the sorry affair in The Spectator...

The sheer ignorant imbecility of Welby and Co's posturing was never more starkly exposed.


  1. This is reasonably good news at least:

    1. Oh yes, that does look like good news – hurrah!