Saturday 9 April 2022

'Better than any music'

 Still mired in domestic and family-related busyness (and with a book to review), I find myself with little or no time or mental capacity to do anything much in the way of blogging. 
Here, for the time being, is a quotation culled from that productive lode The Frank Muir Book: An Irreverent Companion to Social History. It's Walter Savage Landon deploring the song lyrics of his time – 

'Why "words for music" are almost invariably trash now, though the words of Elizabethan songs are better than any music, is a gloomy and difficult question.'

Indeed it is – and, having spent far too long suffering the 'music' soundtrack in hotel lobbies, bars and cafés lately, I can confirm that things are no better now. 'Words for music' nowadays seem to consist of a stream of vacuous whining and wheedling that fits the songs all too well. 

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