Sunday 22 May 2022

'Eagerly waiting for the five o'clock tea'

 I love this bit of crazy Portuguese artwork (by one Andre da Loba). It adorns a box containing a jar of delicious rosemary honey, bought for us (in London) by our daughter before she returned to New Zealand last month. The honey is lyrically described in four languages, one on each side of the box, and the English version reads 'SWEET GARNERED IN TRADITION, EAGERLY WAITING FOR THE FIVE O'CLOCK TEA'. Every bit as wacky as the picture... 


  1. Interesting. I like Loba's work, although the other pieces I see are at times uncomfortably close to the "google doodle/corporate art style" for me. Devil's in the details, I guess.

  2. Yes, I didn't care for the other stuff of his I found online. Love this one though.