Friday 8 September 2023

One Year On

 It was a year ago today that the inevitable but long-dreaded news came, that the Queen had died. Like many, I suspect, one year on I feel very much as if I am still living in her reign, and I'm having trouble getting used to the whole Charles III phenomenon. The other day I was given a  shiny new 50p piece with his profile, inscription and royal cypher, and it felt, well, quite strange, improbable. He is undeniably on the throne, but there is a curious twilight feel to the new reign, something much more like a continuity, or a holding operation, than a new start. And for that we should all be truly grateful. Many were anxious about what the famously opinionated Prince Charles might get up to when he became King, what trouble he might cause with any ill-considered utterances. Well, now we know: he has learnt to keep mum. He is doing what he has to do, which includes staying out of the fray and keeping things on an even keel. The monarchy has managed a smooth, successful transition from Queen to King, and looks to be in safe hands after all. The Queen is dead, long live the Monarchy. 

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