Wednesday 11 October 2023

A Lilliputian Park

 This morning I had a doctor's appointment in Burntwood, a small town near Lichfield, very close to Edial, where the young Samuel Johnson, with his wife, established a school. The school was a failure, attracting only a handful of pupils, but one of them Johnson's lifelong friend David Garrick, with whom he set out to try his literary luck in London. 
Burntwood seems a nondescript kind of place, but it has one claim to fame: it is home to the smallest public park in the UK, Prince's Park. Created to mark the marriage of the Prince of Wales to Princess Alexandra of Denmark, it is just about large enough to accommodate three trees, known as Faith, Hope and Charity. That is the park, in its entirety, in the picture above. In 2013 it hosted the World's Shortest Fun Run. 

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