Sunday 31 December 2023

Happy New Year

And so another year passes, and it's time to wish all who browse here a very happy and prosperous new year. For me, 2023 has been a somewhat challenging and unrestful year, thanks largely to all the time, energy and money that has had to be spent on making the new house habitable (now, thankfully, all but done). However, that has not been the whole story by any means, and there has been much happiness, love and laughter along the way. I have, as ever, a huge amount to be thankful for, and I am. I'm just hoping 2024 will be, well, a bit easier...
I shan't attempt my usual retrospective of the year: feel free to explore the past twelve months' posts for yourself. I hope they have given pleasure and perhaps, from time to time, some kind of sustenance; I've certainly enjoyed writing them. Again, happy new year!


  1. Happy new year, from Mayville, North Dakota.

    Dale Nelson

  2. Thanks for this blog, it is a civilised oasis. Happy new year.