Wednesday 3 February 2010


Brit has discovered a motto for our times - and very good it is (and good to see Peter de Vries getting a mention). The motto puts me in mind of the wise words of Bertie Wooster on a similar theme: 'The bally balliness of it all makes it seem so bally bally.' It does indeed - and most especially so in times like these...


  1. Timeless that. The bally balliness of it all never ceases.

  2. I reckon we now have - Bertie Wooster's wisdom here and W.E. Henley's in the previous post - a complete system for dealing with the world.

  3. @Gadjo Dilo: perhaps you should add Kipling's "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" and Burns's "To a Mouse" for true completeness.