Sunday 27 June 2010

Bob Appleyard

As far as is known, the Yorkshire cricketing legend Bob Appleyard is not a kinsman of Bryan of that ilk, nor of myself, though my doubly maternal great grandfather was the gloriously named Hargreave Potter Appleyard, harbourmaster of Scarborough. Discovering by chance that it's Bob Appleyard's 86th birthday today, and remembering him only vaguely (his great days with Yorkshire were over before I was old enough to take an interest), I looked him up in Wikipedia... Read this and learn what greatness is. And, as England's pampered poltroons take to the field this afternoon, reflect on what kind of men sportsmen once were. (See also Verity.)

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  1. Sorry to bother you ... I'm also related to Hargrave ( note spelling) Potter Appleyard through my 3 x great grandmother Jane Appleyard. Another relative, George Appleyard ( d 1861 ) was also harbourmaster, and is reputed to haunt the lighthouse! If you're a member of GenesReunited you can see my tree on request. Alisdair